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"I was referred to Noel several years ago during a short sale fiasco and it was the best referral I've ever received. Noel has given us great advice on maximizing our returns, especially since my husband is now self employed and he is even guided us in the past on our questions when we didn't even need the use of a CPA. I also referred my father to him, who has now been using his services for past several years. Even a move to Texas didn't stop us for using his services! The transition has been so smooth and he is so quick to respond to our questions and needs. We will continue to use Noel for many years to come! Thank you Noel for your professionalism and your expertise!"

-Jamie Steinberg, Georgetown, TX

""If you are looking for a professional CPA who looks out for your best interests, then Dalmacio Accountancy is the place to be. I've been through a few tax professionals the last couple of years and none can be compared to what Noel's team bring to the table. I understand everyone's situation and returns are different but they actually take the time sit with you and hear your situation and understand your business and then position you for the best possible tax outcome. I look forward to a long business relationship with them! Thank you guy’s “ - Mike Garcia, Realtor and real estate investor, Anaheim CA"

-Mike Garcia, Realtor and Real Estate Investor, Anaheim, CA

"Hi, my name is Lori and I have been coming to Noel for about 12 years. I originally started coming to Noel because we had several rental investment properties and Noel was able to maximize our expenses on our properties. Noel is able to sit with my husband and I and he’s able to answer our questions. “is it now the right time to buy a house,” how would that affect our taxes , how would that affect our deductions and what would we gain out of that if we would not purchase that house. I also appreciate Noel’s professionalism that he’s very available and he does more than just take a pencil and prepare the taxes and that’s really important for my husband and I, we bought work full time, we still have our rental properties and we both have a good amount of income that we need an accountant who’s thorough and who takes the time with us to explain what our tax returns are involved with, with our deductions or how we can maximize our healthcare, how we can maximize any type of IRA accounts or 401K’s. Noel is very thorough and he’s more than just preparing tax returns and that’s why I continue to go to Noel he’s just been great for the 12 years that we’ve been with him. We don’t plan on switching!"

-Lori Lance, Laguna Hills, CA

"Noel, I can't thank you enough for the great service you always provide. You have made the sometimes agonizing task of filing taxes very simple. Sending out the organizer to be completed, then supplying the supporting documentation for the finished product is a great streamlined process. The benefit of your services to my family has been enormous. Our previous CPA clearly did not have the same understanding of our particular scenario that you did. By going back and re-filing our prior year tax returns, you have saved us six-figures!! For that we are truly grateful! Thanks again!"

-Fritz Deutsch, San Clemente, CA

"We have been clients of Noel for over 10 years. We came to Noel as newlyweds and first time investment property owners. He invested the time with us to understand our total portfolio and has guided us exceptionally well over the past 10 years. He asks questions and makes us aware of options that we would not otherwise be aware of. We appreciate the fact that he is available for guidance throughout the year....not just at tax time. We consider him not only our CPA, but our friend. We highly recommend Dalmacio & Associates!!!"

-Michael & Rose Miller, Whittier, CA

"I am a long time real estate investor and I have been working with Noel and his team for over 10 years. My portfolio has changed over the years and Noel has always been able to minimize my tax liability. For several years now, Noel has been able to reduce my tax liability to ZERO. That is zero dollars owed for several years in a row!! In fact, a few years the IRS wrote me checks worth several thousand dollars!! If you are looking for a professional team, a secure website that has never been hacked, and great customer service then look no further. Noel is your guy and the Dalmacio team is your CPA firm."

-Norman Pinto, San Diego, CA.

"I am from Hongkong and own investment properties in the USA. When I was looking for a CPA firm who could help me, a non US resident on tax return and tax planning, my friend highly recommended Damalcio Accountancy Corp because she had excellent experience with the firm. My friend told me Noel is the right person to help me as he has a lot of clients who own multiple investment properties and he has an expertise in real estate taxation. My friend is absolutely right. I have been very impressed by Noel's extensive experiences and the great services from his firm. I have been seeking tax planning and strategy from Noel and have benefited from his professional advice. I am very glad and feel lucky to have engaged services with such an excellent CPA firm!"

-Tung Chan, Hongkong

"I have been working with Noel and his team for almost 10 years and have been very happy with their services. There are so many good things about Noel and his firm. Here are just a few: Noel is very professional so is his every single staff I have ever worked with - they always treat clients with respect and patience. Noel is very smart, knowledgable, experienced and always keeps himself updated of most current tax rules. Every time I have any question or need any consultation, Noel always tries his best to help. I have recommended Noel and his firm to my brother and sister and will definitely recommend him to my friends!"

-Susan Chen, Corona, CA

"Noel Dalmacio and his staff have provided outstanding services to me over the last few years. They have helped with a difficult issue with the IRS that was resolved in my favor. Whenever I need anything, they are immediately responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. I recommend their tax and accounting services to anyone!"

-Dr. Alan Berman, Newport Beach, CA

"I have been working with Noel and his team for many years, and I have a very complicated return with multiple businesses both in and out of state. Noel has complete mastery of the tax code, and is very willing to look at what is best for his clients from a variety of approaches. He also takes short term and long term implications into consideration. Noel is always there to answer complex tax and estate planning questions for me. I highly recommend Noel and his team as a valued partner in creating long term wealth!"

-Chris Boyd, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

"While in Los Angeles on an extended work assignment in the mid 2000's, I started investing in real estate. Noel's firm was recommended through contacts that I made w/in the real estate industry to be able to handle multiple properties. Since then Noel's firm has done a very fine job of taking care of our tax filing needs. Throughout the year I periodically pester Noel regarding various items/issues and upcoming legislation that I read about and ask how that will affect us and if we need to do anything different. He has continuously responded very quickly and with reliable information. When anyone asks I always recommend the firm and will continue to do so, as I've been pleased with their service."

-Terry Komer, Portland, OR

"We have been using Noel for years and have a very complicated tax return because we own quite a few properties. We always feel secure in the fact that our tax return is done properly. Also, Noel always gets our return done quickly and is willing to answer all of our questions. That's why he has been our CPA for about 8 years now."

-Barb Holcomb, Laguna Niguel

"Our involvement in Real Estate in 2003 has led us to Dalmacio and Associates. We find Noel to be very knowledgeable and professional in what he does. He's very thorough and takes the time to explain complex issues in a more simplified manner, differentiate the Pro's and Con's in order for us to make a sound decision with our investments. His sincere nature and willingness to help is an added attribute we like about him. Time and time again, they have consistently provided us with exceptional service. His Staff, has all been courteous, helpful and comfortable to work with, always a pleasant experience. Their Company slogan says it all "continually providing personalized excellent service." Thank you very much Noel, Sheryl, Mae and Dan."

-Pete & Caren O., Torrance, CA

"I was positively surprised by Noel and his team when I needed a financial statement review with a dateline approaching fast. Accuracy, speed and excellent customer attention where actively present in all our communications. I am certainly recommending Noel's services to my colleagues in the industry."

-William Frias, City of Commerce

"Whether personal taxation issues or more complex business issues, Noel and his team have proven themselves to be knowledgeable, trustworthy, grounded ( but yet creative) experts in the field of accountancy. As my in-state and out-of-state business endeavors grew, Noel and his team were there to provide sound, reliable advice - helping to ensure that my business decisions were aligned with current tax laws. Thank you Noel and Dalmacio Accountancy Corp for your professionalism and years of invaluable guidance and support."

-Pat G., Granada Hills, CA

"I met Noel many years, ago, before he founded Dalmacio and Associates. I was very impressed with his knowledge on tax preparation back then, and am grateful to him and his conscientious staff to this day, for the help they have provided to me, and my company. Dalmacio and Associates has helped my company maintain it's success, while providing me with a comfortable feeling that our financials are being done the right way. Thank you so much Noel, and your staff, for the great service."

-David Akiba, Temecula

"Dalmacio & Associates has been our CPA since 2006 and year after year we have relied on Noel's experience and expertise with various tax issues. We recently faced an IRS audit and the assistance we received from Noel in preparing us for the audit process was invaluable! His office promptly provided us with some needed documents going back several years, thorough explanations when we needed them and Noel extended to us the much appreciated confidence to represent ourselves. Our careful preparation paid off and, in fact, the IRS agent gave Dalmacio & Associates high marks for the way the tax return was prepared and organized! Thank you Noel and staff. We owe our favorable audit outcome in great part to you and we value your consistently professional and dependable services."

-Samuel Fraser, Woodland Hills, CA

"In the many years I've used Dalmacio and Associates, Inc., I found their expertise, conscientiousness, integrity, invaluable. As a busy businesswoman, having a CPA firm I can rely on brings me great comfort. This, plus the fact, they are so easy to work with, immediately responsive, that they handle the burden of both tax preparation and the myriad little corporate tax issues that arise throughout the year with precise reconciliation, allowing me to turn my attention to the parts of my business I do best: design and sales. Thank you, Noel, Mae, Sheryl, staff, for being in my life. Linda K."

-Linda K., West Los Angeles

"Noel and team have saved me from making mistakes on my tax returns, and have definitely saved me money. They have been doing my taxes for over five years, and each time has been professional and excellent. They will serve you well, too!"

-David Braun, Irvine, CA

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